Emergency Room Escapades

Wheee! And yet another adventure!

In Mexico I was told to run—not walk—to the closest ER in the event that I have a suspicion of a thought of an idea that I could conceivably have something wrong  and, as it rolled out, my almost perceived bladder infection decided to show itself on Sunday night when all the storefront commercial urgent cares had locked up and sent the REAL emergency cases to the real hospital.

Of course, this is also where the real germs are. And, I’m probably not sick. But! I’m allowing myself every opportunity to amass a fine collection of exotic, common and even long since eradicated diseases. So help me, I’d better have a good reason to be here.

David just mouthed, “This SUCKS.”

I think what he really meant was, “We’re not in Mexico anymore.”

There’s a baby who can’t take her eyes off me. I’m not quite sure why.


The place to be!

All good things must come to an end and this one did not end nearly soon enough. We were up there for 2 1/2 hours, screaming babies and all.

Just as I had suspected I have a garden-variety bladder infection which is not something to play with in my condition. Regardless it’s all over. I’m showered. I’m home. We are in bed. Life is grand.


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