Home again, home again!

The trip back was pretty uneventful with the exception that MEX was a little difficult to navigate. At one point, I was wheeled into a big open area and left.  I mean deserted with no idea if we’d be directed to another place or not.  I finally spoke into Google Translate (where was Hana when I needed her?) and said,”We need go through security, then to our gate.”

It was as though it was complete surprise.  The woman looked at us like, “OH! Why didn’t you just say you were here to catch an airplane?”

The remainder of the trip home was fine–great weather, no delays.  One of our kids picked us up in her SUV.  (Bless you, Raye!) and drove us straight home to what turned out to be the most heavenly night of sleep I’d experienced in over a month.

The cats were actually happy to see us.  I know that.  I know cats.  HA! Regardless, they’d been so well taken care of that they were a little bored with all the unpacking.

OH!  I joined the ranks of the be-wigged. I shall name her Little Fuzzball.


Now I really have a problem: Little Fuzzball looks better than my natural hair ever has and I am faced with a decision: should I ever let my own hair regrow or wear this dead animal on my head for the rest of my days?  I suppose it it not a question that needs answering at this moment.

So how am I feeling?  OK.  I’m very, very tired and I find that if I don’t sleep when I’m sleepy that I won’t be able to.  Yesterday I ignored the exhaustion and then couldn’t sleep when I went to bed at 10:30.  That’s ok.  I’m learning how to traverse these totally non-productive days and make myself realize that I have to rest.  Sheesh.

I also have these weird red spots on my face.  They aren’t hot or inflamed, they are just ugly. It’s amazing what the body does in response to being pumped full of toxic chemicals.  First it was random, un-provoked bruising.  Now that’s settling down and I have a herd of red spots I’m trying to corral.




4 thoughts on “Home again, home again!”

  1. Wow, just 😮 it looks very natural – what was the old commercial? “Is it you or is it Clairol?” Glad you’re home & you do look mah-velous dahling!

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  2. What stinking red spots? You look beautiful, as usual. I love your “hair”, I want that cut. My sister is debating the bald vs. wig. She loves the freedom. I am glad you are back in your space. I bet you will be out boot scooting soon!!

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