Sunday, August 12

Yesterday Dr. McDreamy told me my white blood count is 300 and that by Monday it will REALLY drop.  That’s apparently already pretty low, so when the stitch from my pic line began to feel a little sensitive, I ran down to the medical floor (actually took the elevator) like hell on wheels with my hair on fire.   McD, in his finest suave-ness reassured me that there was no problem.  However, while I was there, I had my WonderMensch-Husband snap a pic of him, Lupita, and me. I love Lupita. She is hilarious; speaks absolutely no Ingles but still cracks me up.

Neutropenia (look it up if you haven’t been paying attention) makes you feel like you have been unplugged.  My legs are so heavy that it’s hard to walk and I lean against the elevator wall from Floor 4 to Floor 1.  But, it’s just part of the process. Unfortunately, sleep does not appear to be part of that process, and I really enjoy sleep.  A lot.  I’m having to stay awake during the day in order to grab a couple of hours at night.  Ah well…notice that the Bible says, “And it came to pass…”  It doesn’t say, “And it came to stay.”


Speaking of David, I haven’t bragged on him enough.  God knows that this whole thing has been stressful, but he’s soldiered through it.  Hana got the good part–getting to go out to eat, visit the museum, shop, and do a little sightseeing.  Poor David got to hear me wretch and help me put my water to my lips.  I thank God for him.


This is my bedroom after the maid’s DAILY visit:

w55Z3BoURLii85jMz3xq0A5Adf9CWUToycOEeABF1u+w The picture above is my view.  The volcano is behind the clouds, to the right of the skyscraper.  Here are some wonderful shots I’ve taken first thing in the morning from that window:



2 thoughts on “Sunday, August 12”

  1. Leta you are amazing. You have done great and I am happy for you that you are almost home. The physical challenges you have had to overcome during this journey will only make you stronger and you are already one of the strongest women I know. Hang in there. My love and prayers are coming your way.

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