Wed, Aug 8 – Sat, Aug 11

Well, it’s been a while.  LOTS has transpired.

I know I’m not supposed to add all this stuff at once.  That’s the purpose of a daily journal, but I haven’t felt like writing.  So sue me.

Lots of us shaved our heads at the same time.  At first it was emotional, then it wasn’t. Hair, schmair…



I’ve been all over the map about how I feel–up, down, crosswise, and everywhere in between.  The emotional roller coaster has been as dramatic as the physical one, if not more so.

The bond between our group members and their caregivers is palpable.


We have been so blessed to fall in love with each other!  We not only sit on the roof terrace, we eat together and exchange convo and stories.  Is really been amazing. Last night we stayed up late (I was in bed by 9:30) and had what closely resembled a large family dinner on the roof. This has truly been magical.



A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

Proverbs 17:22


3 thoughts on “Wed, Aug 8 – Sat, Aug 11”

  1. Leta, you look beautiful and I am so glad God blessed you with so many to go through your journey. Keep up and going forward though Christ where all strength comes.

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    1. Gaye, social media is an amazing thing, isn’t it?
      Thank you for your encouragement. I can do ALL things through Christ. One unexpected blessing is that I know my son JohnHarlan sees me healed already. Now THAT’S a blessing! Next time see him, he’ll see me with no MS, something he’d never seen/ 😉


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