My birthday!!! Tuesday, Aug 7



“Rejoice in the Lord always;again I will say, rejoice.”

Phil 4:4

Yeahhhhh!!! 8:30am. Just woke up.

Had an adventure last night. Apparently one of my blood vessels at the pic line just decided to explode and was bleeding everywhere and I ended up in the hospital where they took the whole thing out. No worries.  They can just give me all my stem cells this morning in an IV.

It was like I was the most important patient on the planet. A doctor, a surgeon and our care coordinator (in PJ’s) met me, David and van driver extraordinaire  Lorenzo at the emergency room at 11:30 PM.


Amazing! No big deal. Very painless procedure and the surgeon even gave me a little kiss on the cheek when he was done. This was not included in our regular plan, so we had to pay. Are you ready for this?  US$97. We would not have been able to step into a U.S. hospital for less than $10K for the same thing.



Meet my stem cells and Dr. McDreamy.  You will notice that I took a covert shot. It’s great: even some of the guys in the group call him McDreamy.  I believe they must think that’s his name.  Oh well.



3 thoughts on “My birthday!!! Tuesday, Aug 7”

  1. so glad they’ve got it sorted, and it was fantastic to see you at breakfast this morning looking so well! Good luck with your birthday today Xxx

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