Saturday, August 4. (Day -3)

4B01E253-A229-4EB1-893D-583945570AC7Look  Who dropped in to see me! I missed him so much. But, I have to tell you it was really hard letting Hana go back to Atlanta. She admitted that Chemo Camp had been a blast and she’ll miss all of this.



I have apparently sprung a leak. Dr. McDreamy will be back shortly before I bleed out right here in the Hospital Puebla.  I think I’m probably exaggerating, but it’s so icky having blood somewhere on my shoulder that’s taped down.

Bum, bum..another one bites the dust..

The only thing is that she’s she’s so naturally beautiful that it doesn’t even make a difference.

I’m  just so behind the other groups that I haven’t suffered enough chemical insult here at Camp Chemo to lose even one strand. I won’t lie to you: not having to wash and dry my hair when I get out of the shower is something I  look forward to.  I may have good hair but it comes at the cost of having to whip it into submission every morning. It gets old after several decades. And I am going to look BAD in my do-rags. Soon enough.

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