Thursday, August 2 (Day -5)

Another day in paradise. Following is  terrifically informative stuff from Chris, a friend of Roger’s.  Roger is in my group.  Chris has been through the program.  Enjoy!

At the moment, apart from the mobiliser, your medication is filling you up with, anti biotics, anti fungal and anti viral agents. All these can cause stomach upsets etc, so they also give you an anti sickness/ nausea drug on some days. The Filgastrin is the one that primes your stem cells to grow! This means they leave your bone marrow and enter your blood stream. When there are sufficient (it really is very easy to count them electronically), then they can drawn from your body and separated from your blood and stored (again, a very straight forward procedure). As soon as that is done you get 2 days of chemo with cyclophosphamide. This is the cytotoxic drug… is actually inactive when administered, however it is rapidly converted to an active form by your liver. Oh, the Mena drug is an anti emetic.
After 2 days, your stem cells will be introduced. From then on it’s high dose antibiotics anti inflammatories while you stay nice and secure in your apartment.

Let  it never be said that I didn’t explain it to you.  Right now I am the only one on the roof gazing at yet another panoramic view of the city and beyond.  David is arriving tomorrow, Hana leaves on Saturday morning, I get my stem cell insertion early that same day, and then we get down and dirty.


Wow.  What a year.  This has been the longest year in the history of mankind.  The sequence of events had to have been from God; I know nothing takes Him by surprise.  I heard about HSCT in March and talked to David about it upon my return from London.  He issued an firm NO.  Then I started praying that if this was what I was to do, then he’d change his mind.

Then April happened. Hana and I spent not quite a week in Houston trying to get things settled.  Thank God for their dad who did so much of the upsetting sorting. By the time I returned, David was totally onboard with Puebla.  Why? Time is so short, not to mention that God made a way for us to do it.  The whole thing has been miraculous


2 thoughts on “Thursday, August 2 (Day -5)”

  1. You are so amazingly strong! I think about you daily and I pray everything will go well for you. Hang in there! I so admire you. xoxo


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