Monday, July 30 (Day -8)


If you didn’t know better you’d think this is a vacay  however, you’ll notice there aren’t many pics of me.  That’s probably because I have been more photogenic in the past. There’s just something about being green around the gills that makes you not particularly want to get your picture made.


Oh my gosh! Last night was breathtaking! Distant thunder to the south and sunset to the west. What an experience.

Sorta bummed that I don’t feel well enough for an outing with the rest of the group, but I have to keep in mind the sightseeing is not my primary objective. Besides, they all want to go to malls—high-end, outlet, neighborhood. I hate malls. I would rather than eat dirt and stick a sharp stick in my eye. So, it hasn’t been quite so hard  making a choice between  outings I don’t want to do  or staying in my room and throwing up.  I am not a complicated woman.

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