Sunday, July 29. (Day -9)

Treatment today is only a shot in the morning and one at night plus a lot of pills.

the outlet mall

After breakfast we were off to the outlet mall for bargains! We had to shop hard, but we got some pretty good deals.

Me? Not so hot. Super tired but this too shall pass—maybe like a kidney stone, but it will pass

D79535C3-3CEF-45C5-8DB9-BAEFA38C0EB1Start of a beautiful day with these wonderful, brave friends. The last couple of days I have had the breakfast sandwich: egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Holy cow. Anybody else going to gain weight on chemo?


fullsizeoutput_596eLater all of us are getting on a van and going to the outlet mall where rumor has it we can buy namebrand clothing for $3 and up. This really has been as painless as it could possibly be.

It’s amazing how this has stirred up my emotions though, I miss David and the cats. Don’t laugh—I miss the cats. Actually… I missed them  until I realized that I have a little hole in my shirt, and now I don’t miss them quite so much. I still miss David.  I have discovered no ruined shirts in my suitcase.

However, it’s hard going through all this away from home. I am so grateful for Hana I can’t even say. God could not have given me a more wonderful daughter. She is gracious and kind and has a real servant’s heart.  Just last night she asked me (yes, she asked) if she could give me a foot rub.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, July 29. (Day -9)”

  1. Dear Leta, your blog keeps me focused on praying for you & I know how hard it must be being away from home -remember, we are both July babies…home-loving & all that. You are blessed to have your daughter with you. But I must say I laughed out loud til I had tears over you missing the cats until you saw the hole in your shirt- LOL!! Can I relate! Blessings & love, Shirley Samford Smith. Glenn & Mother say hi. Mother still has the painting you did for her hanging in her home.

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