Monday, July 23 (Day -15)

That, my friends, is an active volcano! Photo taken from  our rooftop terrace.


This whole thing is truly amazing. I can’t believe how successfully they have integrated five different companies to work as one to get  patients in and out of  HSCT.


To say this is a well-oiled the machine is really an understatement. Every single moment of my schedule has been accounted for— including leisure time.

Oh my gosh! Someone just approached me and told me that I have a free massage available to me anytime.

4 thoughts on “Monday, July 23 (Day -15)”

  1. Hey Leta, Glad you arrived at your home in Mexico for the next 4 weeks. Thinking about ya! Very curious to see the next steps. Big hugs from Greenville. XOXO
    PS: BEHAVE! 🙂

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  2. Leta, thank you for sharing this journey of yours. Just want you to know there are many of us standing behind you. You are valued and you are loved. Always.
    Big {{{HUGS}}} to you from Texas,

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